Harper Cut & Run Government

*2006 Federal Conservative Government Cuts

Canada Policy Research Networks ELIMINATED

Canada School of Public Service FUNDING REDUCTION

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation FUNDING REDUCTION

Canada Revenue Agency Visitor Rebate Program ELIMINATED

Canadian Heritage Centre for Research and Information on Canada FUNDING

Canadian Heritage Support to Canadian Volunteerism Initiative ELIMINATED

Canadian Labour Business Centre ELIMINATED

Canadian Policy Research Networks FUNDING ELIMINATED

Canadian Volunteerism Initiative ELIMINATED

Community Access Program, internet access for communities at libraries,
post offices, community centers ELIMINATED

Court Challenges Program ELIMINATED

Court Commission of Canada ELIMINATED

Environment: Youth International Internship Program ELIMINATED

First Nations and Inuit Tobacco Control Program ELIMINATED

Foreign Affairs and Public Diplomacy Program ELIMINATED

Foreign Affairs Youth International Internship Program ELIMINATED

Health Canada $28.1 MILLION REDUCTION

Health Canada Policy Research Program ELIMINATED

Health Canada Medical Marijuana Research Program ELIMINATED

Human Resources and Skills Development SIGNIFICANT FUNDING REDUCTIONS

HRD Adult Learning and Literacy programs REDUCED AND ELIMINATED

HRD Youth Employment Programs REDUCED AND ELIMINATED

Indian and Northern Affairs Canada FUNDING REDUCTION

Industry Canada Programs including Technology Partnerships Canada

Industry Industrial Programs including Technology Partnerships Canada

LAW Commission of Canada ELIMINATED

Mountain Pine Beetle Initiative ELIMINATED

Museum Assistance Program FUNDING REDUCTION

National Defence High-Frequency Surface Wave Radar Project ELIMINATED

Natural Resources and Environment Climate Change Programs, including the
One Tonne Challenge, 40 public information offices across the country,
and several scientific and research programs on climate change, 40%

Natural Resources Programs for Studying Concrete and Other Materials

Public Works and Government Services Canadian Identity Grant and
Contribution Program ELIMINATED

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Drug Impaired Driving Program Training


Status of Women Canada, SIGNIFICANT BUDGET CUT

Status of Women Canada mandate CHANGED; EXCLUDES “gender equality and
political justice”

Status of Women, advocating, policy research and lobbying TOTALLY BANNED

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada FUNDING REDUCTION

Workplace Equity/Employment Equity Program SIGNIFICANT REDUCTION

Programs Lost

* Victoria Status of Women Action Group (vSWAG) – current funding expires
December 2006. Not eligible for future funding.

* Wellbeing through Inclusion Socially and Economically (WISE) – current
funding expires December 2007. Not eligible for future funding.

* Kamloops Women’s Resource Centre

Harper’s Biggest Lie
Harper Letter


“The Harper government has embraced a pre-Nixonian policy towards China, deliberately distancing Canada from the emerging mega-power, thereby limiting our ability to affect China’s performance on human rights or on other issues,” Clark said.

“With the Harper government, there is a new, more deliberate insularity [in foreign policy] with the singular exception of our military engagement in Afghanistan,” Clark said. “I believe that Mr Harper and his colleagues are moving deliberately away from central elements of the foreign policy that has been a key strength for Canada under both Progressive Conservative and Liberal administrations.

“Mr Harper’s party, [formerly] known as the Reform Party, began self-consciously as a protest movement and it has no inherited tradition in international affairs … moreover, their method is wedge politics, so there is scant domestic experience with brokering and embracing contesting points of view,” Clark added. “These significant departures from Canada’s traditional foreign policy should not be considered as rookie mistakes, but as deliberate policy.”

Joe Clark