Classy Move Kickstarter


Following Facebook's example of giving sexist, abusive douchebags a free pass, Kickstarter is refusing to take down Redditor Ken Hoinsky’s dating advice book. Above the Game: A Guide to Getting Awesome With Women, includes such gentlemanly dating advice as “grab her hand and put it right on your dick.” Another excerpt posted on Reddit suggests “force her to rebuff your advances” . Do … [Read more...]

Blackwater Still Profiting From Death


Blackwater (Xe Services) is releasing a video game; "The video game is a fictional action first-person shooter, without any political agenda, and is being published to let gamers experience the challenging missions Blackwater operatives have experienced." Of course it has no political agenda mercenaries don't care who they fight for or who they kill. Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater and … [Read more...]

Not Even Men Believe That


Over at Bread & Roses Antonia posted a link to a David Warren column which included such gems as; Consider for instance the proposition, "a woman's right to control her own body." Not even men believe this, and a pregnant woman, who actually believes that the baby she is carrying is part of her own body, should wait for it to kick. Perhaps she has an astoundingly primitive notion of biology; … [Read more...]

Criticism of Israel is legitimate. Michael Ignatieff told me so

Apparently both the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star refused to publish the following statement. I’m joining other bloggers who don’t think that should be allowed to stand. Over 150 Jewish Canadians signed a statement expressing their concerns about the campaign to suppress criticism of Israel that is being carried on within Canada. The signatories include many prominent Canadians, … [Read more...]