Blackwater Still Profiting From Death

Blackwater (Xe Services) is releasing a video game;

“The video game is a fictional action first-person shooter, without any political agenda, and is being published to let gamers experience the challenging missions Blackwater operatives have experienced.”

Of course it has no political agenda mercenaries don’t care who they fight for or who they kill. Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater and producer of the game, belied his tough guy reputation by hiding out with his cool 1 billion from George W. in the United Arab Emirates rather than face the music in the U.S. Not so brave when he can’t hide behind a gun.

A comment on the story sums up my feeling on the game;

Forget about the challenging missions. Do I get to play the missions where I shoot teenage kids off the back of a motorbike? What about the one where I get to machine gun women and kids crammed into the back of a little 2 door economy vehicle? Now that’s the Blackwater we’ve come to know and hate. What about the screams of anguish and horror? Can I hear them in stereo? Come on guys, get real! John Gill

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Lest anyone think first person shooter games have created a role for this – here is a commentary on it by a gamer actually playing a first person shooter game at the same time.