Not Even Men Believe That

Over at Bread & Roses Antonia posted a link to a David Warren column which included such gems as;

Consider for instance the proposition, “a woman’s right to control her own body.” Not even men believe this, and a pregnant woman, who actually believes that the baby she is carrying is part of her own body, should wait for it to kick. Perhaps she has an astoundingly primitive notion of biology; but I should think even a woman of subnormal intelligence would understand the difference between what is in that bump she is carrying, and what is in the rest of her flesh. To wit: a different person.

“a woman’s right to control her own body.” Not even men believe this

What exactly does he mean by this? For sure the statement is no lie as we know that

*rapists don’t believe it
*abusive husbands/boyfriends don’t believe it
*anti-choice fucktards don’t believe it
*men’s rights fucktards don’t believe it
*the pope doesn’t believe it
*the taliban doesn’t believe it

Geez Davey you’ve found yourself some great company!


  1. Bravo April – I’m very glad you said it, because it’s so very true.
    A certain high-ranking military guy in Canada doesn’t believe it either…

  2. Somehow in the last hour after clicking your link, I surfed around to more news stories and ended up reading about daycare cuts and Ignatieff’s universal daycare promise.

    A lot of the comments are “if you couldn’t afford to take care of the kids, why did you have them in the first place?” Which is basically the conservative viewpoint. In a world where about 50% of pregnancies are unplanned.

    They don’t want women to have access to birth control, abortion or affordable daycare …

  3. Men's Rights Fucktard

    Oh, I believe it! Totally. Just as I believe that any man should have the unilateral right to just walk away from any woman he impregnates. The SCOTUS said women have the right to do with their bodies what they want. Done deal. Now they can take responsibility for that choice since the man has no say in it.

    Let’s bring feminist equality into the forefront in a really big way. Men should be able to end their connection and obligation to whatever you want to call what is in the womans body, within the same period of time a woman can get a legal abortion.

    Or does it suddenly become a child the moment she opts to keep it?

    • April Reign

      Goodness I do hope you at least had to force yourself to write something that stupid.

      Men can and do walk away from pregnant women all the time. When they aren’t forcing abortions or killing them.

      • Men's Rights Fucktard

        Nope, didn’t have to force myself at all. I am well practiced at talking to feminists on their own level.

        Still, we are in much agreement. Men often do walk away. I just want the law to quit locking them up. Your body, your choice, right? Just live with it and quit whining.

        And there will always be cases of murder. Some guy will off his GF because she is pregnant, or some woman will toss her baby to die in a dumpster on her way to a party or drown the lot of them in a bathtub after hubby goes off to make a living for the family. The world has lots of misfits. Can’t base policy on them just for the fun of it.

        Just doing my part here to promote women’s equality. But that is the funny thing about equality, isn’t it? The best way to find out if someone wants it is to give it to them.

        • April Reign

          Sorry bud you are lecturing the wrong woman. I had a walk away. Raised the kid without him, he returned anxious to stake claim. Was an abusive jag off – kicked him to the curb. I am currently married to an extremely good man and would never deny shared parenting even if gord forbid our relationship fumbled.

          Extremes on either side like to make believe that we are polar opposites in reality are two halves of the same whole. So if you are looking for an ego fluff or a bully boy session take it elsewhere. I don’t hate men – I just hate assholes.

          • Men's Rights Fucktard

            “Sorry bud you are lecturing the wrong woman”

            Oh gee, there’s a shock. Now since all I did here was respond directly to your OP, and then to your subsequent comments, am I supposed to say now that you are lecturing the wrong man because a woman in my past aborted my child without my consent or approval? I ended up with two great children, but had room for more.

            But then again, my personal experience isn’t supposed to be determinant of my social ideals that affect billions of other people, is it now?

            And that was, after all, the thrust of my comments to you. There are a lot of assholes in the world. When people, even feminist fucktards, figure out that the gender spread on them is roughly equal, then we might actually get somewhere.

  4. April Reign

    Oh darn your girlfriend made a decision that was best for her life and her future and now all women in the world must feel your pain and wrath. Try therapy instead.

  5. Men's Rights Fucktard

    Actually, she regretted it not long after doing it and regrets it to this day. She is, after all, a decent person. But that is beside the point, which not too surprisingly you are not getting. Maybe you are just bitter because you screwed the wrong guy and he dumped you. Gee, what would make a feller do that to YOU? LOL!

    So carry on in your lopsided world, April. Just keep repeating to yourself. “Only men are bad. Only men are bad.” Then again, you don’t really need to be told to do that, do you?

    • April Reign

      Yep, totally believe that, just ask my husband and four strapping lads how much I hate them. ROTFL