Facebook and Progressive Values


I deleted my Facebook account awhile ago because I could no longer feel right with myself visiting a site which so clearly violates my principles. Complaints about misogynist groups advocating rape and other abuses towards women, groups degrading those with physical or mental handicaps were regularly met with 'this does not violate Facebook standards' yet apparently perfectly lovely shots of … [Read more...]

Christian Groups to Protect #OccupyLondon At Saint Paul’s Cathedral


Normally I agree with this quote from Gandhi, “I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ.” However a number of Christian groups in London have come together to prove that sometimes Christ's teachings do prevail. A statement by the groups said: "As Christians, we stand alongside people of all religions who are resisting economic injustice with active … [Read more...]

Lies, Lies and Damnable Lies


The Star has picked up and ran with the ball of shit containing the lie that Jack Layton and Olivia Chow lived in subsidized housing From time to time [Jack Layton] has been criticized for saying one thing and doing another, including being caught red-handed in 1985 living in subsidized housing in Toronto when his and Olivia Chow, then a Toronto trustee, were raking in a combined $120,000 … [Read more...]

Harper Knows Best

Ever wondered if the whole Father Knows Best sweater vest persona Harper puts on is just a show to appeal to his social conservative base? Well wonder no more! Ladies it turns out he really isn't that into you. The government of Prime Minister David Cameron believes the succession laws are antiquated and should be modernized, but they need the agreement of Commonwealth countries who … [Read more...]

1 Cat 2 Cat Red Cat Blue Cat


As support for the NDP rises there rumblings from some quarters that the NDP is somehow betraying Canada by running a great campaign. Like Harper they have fallen victim to the idea of Canada as a two party system. The concept is that by not supporting the Liberals the NDP is complicit in allowing Harper to win. This presupposes that A) Harper will win and that B) the NDP has no responsibility to … [Read more...]