Mourn for Justice

Not only has the Canadian government not petitioned for the release of Omar Khadr, they have helped the U.S. to try to retrieve information from this child. Yes at the time this all started he was a child. A youth of 15, a child soldier. This is a government that is bringing forth a bill (the sneak anti abortion laws in the back door bill) that claims to recognize crimes against children yet … [Read more...]

Stop the sale of CANADARM & RADARSAT

Radarsat-2 was developed through a partnership between MDA and the Canadian Space Agency, with Canadian taxpayers paying $445 million or about 85 per cent of the total cost. In return for its investment, the Canadian government was promised large amounts of imagery as well as "priority access" to Radarsat-2 in emergencies. These might include floods, forest fires, oil spills -- or a suspect vessel … [Read more...]