The Handmaids Tale Dystopia Meets Reality

This story is both a horrific example of the human trafficking going on in the world and a warning as to what could happen to women should the womb police get their way. Anyone familiar with Margaret Atwood's The Handmaids Tale will recognize this type of scenario; In its promotional material, the Asia-based operation makes pregnancy sound like an illness. Its symptoms include “loss of … [Read more...]

This is how Conservatives care for Kids


February of last year I wrote a post detailing the plans the Harper Government™ had for the youth of our country. Now this issue has come to the forefront. Since nothing about the plan or my opinion of it has changed, I'll just link to the February post.You can read it here Related articles by Zemanta PM's plan: Life terms for 14-year-olds … [Read more...]

Omar Khadr

Two stories in The Star today about Omar Khadr. One on a video tape that was released to the press, despite not having been allowed to be aired in court. Oops wonder how that happened? The lawyer for detained Canadian terror suspect Omar Khadr accused the U.S. government yesterday of abusing the legal process after CBS News broadcast for the first time a controversial video recording … [Read more...]

Targeting Reality

Carol Goar has an article in The Star titled, "Targeted child care misses mark". In the article she details how many children are not being served because care is targeted to low income homes and children who are thought to be 'at risk' because they come from poverty. Doherty, a child development psychologist, has spent 30 years as an educator, provincial policy-maker and researcher. She … [Read more...]

Disney Kicks kids

Disney promotes itself as a place for children, a family event, and gord knows they have made a killing on movies and merchandise. However, when it comes to "fine dining" {and who the hell thinks Disneyland when they think fine dining} Disney no longer recognizes the kids. Virtually nothing about Victoria & Albert's, which opened in 1988, is designed to appeal to children. Men are … [Read more...]