Power To The People!


Attended the Hamilton CAPP rally, what an inspiration. Canadians of all ages, income groups, ethnicities and political stripe joined together in a common cause it was all so...Canadian! Stephen Harper - Canadians HAVE noticed, we DO care, and all your Parliament are belong to us! Power to the People Pics from the Rally … [Read more...]

“I will be heard – one way or another.”

More than half a century ago Paul Robeson, one of the greatest men who ever lived, was forbidden to enter Canada not by Ottawa but by Washington, which had taken away his passport. But he was still able to transfix a vast crowd of Vancouver's mill hands and miners with a 17-minute telephone concert, culminating in a rendition of the Ballad of Joe Hill. Technology has moved on since then. And so … [Read more...]

COAL for Christmas

Little Stevie has been very naughty. Going around thinking he is special, breaking things he sees no value in -- like democracy -- and generally not playing well with others. Traditionally Santa brings such children coal for Christmas. I think this year should be no exception, Harper deserves a coal [ition government] and while that is punishment for him it will be a grand gift for the rest of … [Read more...]