Facebook and Progressive Values


I deleted my Facebook account awhile ago because I could no longer feel right with myself visiting a site which so clearly violates my principles. Complaints about misogynist groups advocating rape and other abuses towards women, groups degrading those with physical or mental handicaps were regularly met with 'this does not violate Facebook standards' yet apparently perfectly lovely shots of … [Read more...]

CON Artists


Harper made it clear from the beginning that he was not on the side of those who didn't vote for him and was particularly not on the side of women. It is not really surprising then that Senator Nancy Ruth said, “shut the f--- up” or it could get worse." “If you push it, there will be more backlash,” said Ruth, who fears that outrage will push her boss, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, to take … [Read more...]

Her Sight is Worth It!


Imagine losing your site to a preventable or treatable cause simply because your are poor or simply because you are female. "We know her sight is worth it. The ripple effect of providing eye care to a single person is life-changing. You not only give that person their sight and life back, you also free their caregivers. Consider that 75 per cent of blindness is preventable or treatable, … [Read more...]

Feminists Less Hostile Toward Men than Non-Feminists


A small study conducted at the University of Houston has found what I have found from anecdotal research for years, non-feminist women actually harbour more animosity toward men than feminists do. Our work finds that, indeed, non-feminists believe in traditional gender roles such as men being breadwinners and women being caregivers. At the same time, these non-feminists actually appear to … [Read more...]