Lies, Lies and Damnable Lies


The Star has picked up and ran with the ball of shit containing the lie that Jack Layton and Olivia Chow lived in subsidized housing From time to time [Jack Layton] has been criticized for saying one thing and doing another, including being caught red-handed in 1985 living in subsidized housing in Toronto when his and Olivia Chow, then a Toronto trustee, were raking in a combined $120,000 … [Read more...]

“We’re in safe hands with Stephen Harper” and other Conservative lies


Since Canada’s Conservative Government took power in 2006, significant budget cuts have been made to Canadian gender equality, political justice, social policy and research programs including the virtual elimination of a Canadian government department devoted to Women’s equality and women’s issues. 2011 Federal Conservative Government Cuts (to date) Canadian Teachers' Federation's … [Read more...]