Lest We Forget


Once a year we get together to remember the atrocity of the massacre at École Polytechnique. We are bound together in our horror and tears. When you see 14 roses being placed side by side it hits with full force just how many lives were ended that tragic day. It could be hoped that their lives were not taken in vain, that steps would be taken to change the way women's success and independence … [Read more...]

December 6th

Every year it breaks my heart to watch as 14 roses pile up in remembrance of the horror of December 6, 1989. In the face of such an atrocity one can only hope that lessons will be learned. Unfortunately, it seems that few have paid attention. Women are still being killed simply for being women, for asserting their rights, or simply for being there. Women's shelters are still full and daily … [Read more...]

Our Glorious Dead

In times of war we are called upon to honour our glorious dead. Indeed the memory of the fallen is used to raise our collective patriotic ire at anyone who does not support any military action. This has become known colloquially as "not supporting the troops." It does not matter if the cause they were fighting is just. If the people they killed were innocent. If the war they fought a sham. … [Read more...]