Lies, Lies and Damnable Lies


The Star has picked up and ran with the ball of shit containing the lie that Jack Layton and Olivia Chow lived in subsidized housing From time to time [Jack Layton] has been criticized for saying one thing and doing another, including being caught red-handed in 1985 living in subsidized housing in Toronto when his and Olivia Chow, then a Toronto trustee, were raking in a combined $120,000 … [Read more...]

Stephen Harper – He’s Not In It For You!


Stephen 'we aren't in election mode' Harper's attack ads on Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff takes various quotes with no context in order to paint him as someone with no love for Canada and apparently by extension no right to govern. Now I'm neither a Liberal nor a great supporter of Ignatieff, however, if this is the litmus test for leadership let's see how Harper does when hoisted on his own … [Read more...]

The Koch Brothers Billionaires Club


Isn't it great when a few friends can gather together for a couple of beers, shoot the shit, bitch about class warfare and control an entire country? the two-day event is not just "fun in the sun". This will be a meeting of "doers", men and women willing to fight the Obama administration and its perceived attack on US free enterprise and unfettered wealth. As the invitation says: "Our … [Read more...]

Power To The People!


Attended the Hamilton CAPP rally, what an inspiration. Canadians of all ages, income groups, ethnicities and political stripe joined together in a common cause it was all so...Canadian! Stephen Harper - Canadians HAVE noticed, we DO care, and all your Parliament are belong to us! Power to the People Pics from the Rally … [Read more...]

NSS Moment

Canada is emerging from a recession “only in a technical sense,” Harper said. “As long as we continue to have challenges in the labor market that affect Canadian families on the ground, then I don’t think we can truly say the recession is over.” This has been your "No Shit Sherlock" moment, we now return you to your regular blogging channel. … [Read more...]