Unchained Melody

Full wording of the 1967 Abortion Act follows "Women need not always keep their mouths shut and their wombs open.".. Emma Goldman Cardinal Keith O'Brien believes the 1967 Abortion Act is full of lies. As it is a document dealing with a woman's legal right to seek medical treatment. One can only assume that to the Cardinal it is a lie that a woman has a right to seek medical treatment, that ... Continue Reading

Freedom from Religion

True story: man kills wife, stabbing her in the neck 19 times with a steak knife, is convicted of first-degree murder and appeals on basis that she was unfaithful and, as a devout Muslim, he was protecting family honour. Nice try, and maybe elsewhere in the world Adi Abdul Humaid might have been acquitted. But the United Arab Emirates citizen made the mistake of murdering Aysar Abbas in Ottawa ... Continue Reading

Thou shalt not steal

and other commandments that don't seem to matter. It seems passing strange to me that those who so devoutly wish to force their religious beliefs on an entire country are so out of touch with the tenets therein. When the question was rightly asked why the official Canadian logo appeared on some March for Life banners a spokesperson replied that such theft is a common occurrence. How ... Continue Reading

Infallable? Well…..maybe not..

I wonder if Benny looks back fondly on the days when a pope had real authority. Now, just like the Queen, there is more pomp than power. Why these days a pope can't even threaten the church members without some spin doctor coming along to say, "Look Benny doesn't always mean what he says. Smile, nod make him feel good but don't take him too seriously." ... Continue Reading

Politics and Religion

Rules of etiquette commonly call for the avoidance of certain topics. Chief among those are politics and religion. It is worth noting that these are treated as two separate items, and rightly so. When religion is factored into politics neither can work appropriately. Religion deals with spirituality, with ones belief in being part of a specific god's community and the leaders therein are ... Continue Reading