Humanists Award Honour To Morgantaler

Dr. Morgantaler to receive another award. This one from the Humanist Association of Canada. Press release below. h/t Antonia Kathy Meidell Executive Director, Humanist Association of Canada [1ft2b_caption id="attachment_804" align="right" width="150" caption="The Humanist Association of Canada"][/1ft2b_caption]TORONTO, July 10 -- The Humanist Association of … [Read more...]

Blogging for Choice

Today Americians who believe in freedom and democracy celebrate the day that women were given a right to reproductive liberty. At a time when so much talk centres around bringing democracy, freedom, women's rights, to other countries, it is ironic that those things are being scaled back in America itself. {The death of habeas corpus Wire Tapping limiting abortion rights Indifference to … [Read more...]