December 6th. Just a date.

December 6th. Just a date. Maybe an early Christmas party or a school play. Perhaps a time to start putting out decorations or maybe - a time to purchase candles and roses. A purchase not made in anticipation of a celebration but one made in memorial of 14 women who were gunned down simply because they were women and they were there. December 6th, 1989 at l'École Polytechnique de Montréal … [Read more...]

Two Year Old Killed Over Child Support


My heart goes out to this mother who has lost her child to such cold calculated violence. Danny Platt slashed two year old Ja Shawn Platt's throat because he was upset at being ordered to pay child support. “There was an issue, believe it or not, with him (Danny Platt) recently being ordered to pay child support, and he had made some comments that he would he kill either the wife or the child … [Read more...]

Couple Assaulted at Son’s School

Today's Star carries a horrific story about an assault perpetrated upon two women because they are lesbians. The assault happened at an elementary school as school was letting out and many children, including the couples son, witnessed this hateful and unprovoked attack. This is the result when fear and ignorance are allowed to run unfettered. No person should worry that their 'lifestyle' is … [Read more...]

“Well, you’re not going to solve the problem if you even refuse to say what it is.”

The Star carried this article yesterday about The War on Women: Elly Armour, Jane Hursham, and Criminal Domestic Violence in Canadian Homes, by Brian Vallée. Stephen Lewis wrote an impassioned foreword for the book, urging the creation of a fully funded United Nations international agency for women that would provide "a tremendous force for advocacy and intervention" and would "inevitably … [Read more...]