Psstt… Hey you! Ya You Poking Your Nose In Other People’s Wombs.. Come Here


Here's the deal. We get you like the fetuses. We get you want to hold them and pat and call them George. Well guess what? Now you can. Just steal borrow an ultrasound from someone you don't know and have no business interfering with and have this company print out your very own fetus plaything! Hours of fun! Get yours today! ... Continue Reading

What Happens When You Just Don’t Clique?


The internet has been fantastically effective in allowing people to communicate. While post and phones and radios did allow communication across distances, they were not as easy and accessible as such things as Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr etc. are. Social networks have brought together political nations, self defined nations such as Leaf Nation and Ford Nation (both the vehicle and train ... Continue Reading

Facebook and Progressive Values


I deleted my Facebook account awhile ago because I could no longer feel right with myself visiting a site which so clearly violates my principles. Complaints about misogynist groups advocating rape and other abuses towards women, groups degrading those with physical or mental handicaps were regularly met with 'this does not violate Facebook standards' yet apparently perfectly lovely shots of ... Continue Reading

Storm pics

2013-07-19 20.25.28

So yesterday July 19 marks year 27 of married life. also huge storm. There was either a mini tornado or a downburst and there is so much damage. We ran into the building hall at one point it seemed like all the windows were going to blow in. Windows were slightly opened and by them water was a couple of inches deep in the house. We were doing fine for power until around 4 this morning ... Continue Reading

Ashes to Ashes

emergence- tree-plot

Gizmodo has an article on designs that differ from the usual burial experience. Some are wonderful, the wind chime I'm not as sure about. ... Continue Reading

Classy Move Kickstarter


Following Facebook's example of giving sexist, abusive douchebags a free pass, Kickstarter is refusing to take down Redditor Ken Hoinsky’s dating advice book. Above the Game: A Guide to Getting Awesome With Women, includes such gentlemanly dating advice as “grab her hand and put it right on your dick.” Another excerpt posted on Reddit suggests “force her to rebuff your advances” . Do ... Continue Reading

Devaluing Teenage Girls


This is so well said and needs said more often; “As soon as teenage girls start to profess love for something, everyone else becomes totally dismissive of it. Teenage girls are open season for the cruelest bullying that our society can dream up. Everyone’s vicious to them. They’re vicious to each other. Hell, they’re even vicious to themselves. It’s terrible. “So if teenage girls have ... Continue Reading